President’s Address - Locker Room/KSAFA 2015/16 Jackie Bell Knockout

Ambassador A.B. Stewart Stephenson

1. Welcome Council members, Affiliates, Guests and Media Representatives

2. Jackie’s Memory and Legacy
• He died in Mexico City while attending the World Cup games in June 1986, 29 years ago.
• He was the President and Coach of Santos FC at the time of his death.
• He was a former National player and coach for Jamaica.
• Was married to Lorna Bell and had two young daughters at the time.
• His wife Lorna continues to pursue his legacy and contributes to national development through sports as Executive Director of Special Olympics Jamaica and has been awarded a National honour of, Order of Distinction (OD) for her contribution to sport.
• Interestingly all of Jackie’s six (6) brothers were eminent footballers, administrators and coaches.
• Brothers Russell, former St. Georges and Manning Cup player and Past Vice President of KSAFA; Vernon, former St. Georges and Kingston College Manning Cup player and former coach of Tivoli Gardens FC; Howard (Howie), former Kingston College and Jamaica National player and now one of the team managers at the JFF; Neville (Burtis), former St. Georges College and Jamaica youth player, an outstanding youth coach of St. Georges College as well as UWI and Portmore Football Club; Karl, another St. Georges former player; and Douglas (Dougie), former Kingston College outstanding Manning Cup and Jamaica player.
• Jackie had one sister, Camille Bell-Hutchinson current registrar at the University of the West Indies who also attended last year’s Press Launch.
• Jackie was a very active delegate at KSAFA Congresses and we can all recall Jackie’s stirring contribution to any controversial debate within the Association.
• Accordingly since 1987 KSAFA inaugurated the Jackie Bell Knockout competition in honour of this famous son and football legend, Winthorpe ‘Jackie’ Bell.

3. Budget
• The Budget for this season’s competition is $3.592M which is roughly a 20% increase over last season’s budget of $3M.
• The increase this season covers a provision for Infrastructure Development of $340,000.00 whereby each of our 34 participating clubs will receive $10,000.00 to assist with player nutrition, transportation and field preparation. Secondly Referees fees have increased this season by 20% and a provision of $50,000.00 has been made to increase the allocation to $300,000.00. The additional funds of approximately $200,000.00 have been allocated towards administrative expenses totaling $400,000.00.
• A copy of the budget is provided with our Press Kits with total prize monies of $2,502,000.00.
• The prize monies for the top four (4) places remain the same as last year, 1st place $400,000.00 2nd place $250,000.00, 3rd place $150,000.00 and 4th place $100,000.00. The usual sectional prizes related to qualifications per round of the competition are provided for.
• As with last year, gears will be provided for each of 34 participating teams and $40,000.00 has been allocated for each set for a total of $1,360,000.00. This year however instead of giving each team the 40,000 in cash gears will be manufactured by our sponsor to provide for uniformity of quality production and in branding of the shirts.

4. Budget and Sponsorship for the competition
• Approximately $2.3M of the budget is being provided for through direct cash sponsorship by four (4) sponsors. Corporate Jamaica has donated $1.5M, Avis Car Rental $360,000.00, ATL Automotive $300,000.00 and Western Union $100,000.00. KSAFA will cover the shortfall in the budget through gate receipts from the Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals and Final of approximately $600,000.00 and further funding of $700,000.00 through the sale of broadcast rights for live television coverage of all Quarter Final, Semi Final and Final matches by a major television network.

5. Funding
• Although a provision of $40,000.00 has been allocated for the purchase of gears for each of the teams the reality is that the cost of gears this season has increased by some 50% over last year and Council has been able to negotiate with a long standing supplier of gears and partner of KSAFA who has agreed to cover the difference of $20,000.00 on each set of gears supplied to 34 teams and enabled the Association to obtain sponsorship value of $680,000.00. As a result of our successful negations with Mr. David Shirley of Locker Room Sports, the supplier of Vele gears, the company will supply branded gears for all participating teams and therefore this season the Title Sponsor for our competition is Locker Room Sport. Accordingly the competition will be called the Locker Room KSAFA 2015/16 Jackie Bell Knockout competition. Importantly each player jersey will bear the Locker Room logo on the chest together with the KSAFA logo. Each sleeve of the jersey will bear the Avis logo on one sleeve and ATL Automotive on the other.

6. Format of the competition
• This will be addressed by the Chairman of the Competitions Committees however there will be the usual first, second and third round of the competition leading to Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals and Final. The competition will kickoff on Saturday November 14, 2015 with the Final expected to be played in early to mid-February of next year. This will be the 27th renewal of the competition which as I said started in 1987 although there was no competition in the 1988-1989 season. To date the leading winners have been defending champions Harbour View FC with seven (7) titles followed by defending champions Waterhouse FC with five (5) titles.
• KSAFA will of course host the Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals and Final at appropriate venues to attract large spectator turn out and generate well needed income to underwrite this season’s Budget.

7. Live Television and Radio broadcast
• As an added feature of this season’s competition and for the first time the Council has successfully negotiated for live television coverage of all Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals and Final of the competition with a major television network. We are concluding a five (5) year contract deal with the network and funds from the deal will as I said earlier be used to underwrite the Budget for this season’s competition. The coverage will be beamed live not only to local audiences but also via internet to the Jamaican Diaspora worldwide.
• In addition to live television broadcast we will also have live radio broadcast provided for the second straight year by our radio broadcast sponsor KLSAS/ESPN Radio FM 89 who will similarly be covering all Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Final matches in the competition.

8. Closing
• In closing we appeal to the sports loving public to support all the games in the Locker Room KSAFA 2015/16 Jackie Bell Knockout Competition which in our flagship competition involving all our affiliated club teams and expect to see high quality football displayed in all rounds of the competition and implore all players to display good sportsmanship and abide by the referees’ decision. We wish to thank the Bell family, particularly his wife Lorna and his other sibling who are here today, for allowing the Association to honour the life and legacy of Jackie over these many years through the hosting of this knockout competition.

9. Ladies and gentlemen thank you very much.
As always… KSAFA is #1

November 3, 2015