Tribute to David Mighty

Tribute to David Mighty
former President of the New Kingston Football Club
at the Kencot Seventh Day Adventist Church on February 5, 2017

David Mighty joined the family of the Kingston and St. Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) in 1984 as a Minor League player with the Santos Football Club. Legendary Coach/Administrator Carlton ‘Spanner’ Dennis described him as a young forward with lots of potential. He played one season with the Club.

David assumed the role of an Administrator when he took over the Presidency of New Kingston FC in 1994 and retained that position until his passing on December 31, 2016. I met David, who I dubbed ‘the Mighty force’ in 1996, when I was elected President of KSAFA to commence the first of three (3) terms as President. The first thing that struck me about Mighty is that he was a very big man riding a little motorcycle, which was almost engulfed by his size. He travelled to all our meetings and all his Club’s matches on this tiny motorcycle. I am sure I was not the only one amazed at the durability of this motorcycle transporting this very large man all over Kingston city.

Mighty was a constant presence at all KSAFA meetings, whether at General meetings or at our Annual Congresses. His opinion and vote was always sought after, whether by candidates for elected office or in support of some proposal to advance the Association’s interest. For sure he would always put the interest of his Club as a priority and he would always support any position that he felt would advance the goals of KSAFA. During my three (3) stints as President, David maintained a close working relationship with me. Indeed, if he needed help or had a suggestion or idea that he wanted the Association to pursue, he would not hesitate to call me. I recall the occasion when David was hospitalized at the University of the West Indies during my second stint around 2004. When I got the news, I was alarmed at his sudden hospitalization, although I knew he had medical challenges. I rushed to the hospital at UWI and was directed to his bed by one of the nurses, but when I got there Mighty could not be found. When I inquired, the nurses told me he had been up and down the ward and could not stay still. Eventually Mighty came to his bed and I said to him “Mighty aren’t you supposed to be sick, you should be resting in bed”, he just looked at me and laughed. I had feared the worse for him and was relieved to see he was still very active.

We returned to the Presidency for our third stint in August, 2014 and in the campaign leading up to that election we sought and obtained David’s support for our candidacy. The team was honoured to receive his vote, because it meant that for one of the stalwarts in our Association, the work which we had done was appreciated by him. During this term Mighty was elevated to the Secretariat of the Association and attended most of our Council meetings which were held twice monthly at the Bank of Nova Scotia in Liguanea. David regarded his role on the Secretariat with tremendous pride as he appreciated that being in the hierarchy of the Association he would be able to contribute directly to the implementation of policies formulated by the Association. He was on time for meetings and never left until they ended.

As a Club President, Mighty almost single handily carried the weight and responsibility of the Club on his shoulders. He would seek out sponsorship privately with his friend Peter Chin at Alliance Investment, but was a very proud man and would solicit his funding from other sources discretely. David took his responsibilities as Club President very seriously and our girls in the office Miss Cherie Raynor and Miss Antoinette Jarrett, always found that his registration papers for the competitions were always lodged on time. He would spend hours at the KSAFA office, not because of any delay in processing his papers, but he just enjoyed the company of the two ladies. David was a very compassionate person and would call our two ladies at the office early in the morning to find out how they were doing and every evening before they left office. But his ability to attract players and retain players to his Club was one of the most admirable features of this ‘Mighty Force’. Cherie and Antoinette would always remember his unending stream of players who required registration, while some Clubs just could not get enough players. On Christmas day last year I received a text from Mighty wishing my family and myself a merry Christmas. I replied acknowledging his greeting and reminded him that he always be a ‘Mighty Force’ for football.

I have reflected on the commitment, sincerity and love for the game of football which David displayed as a young Administrator in KSAFA, but there are several of his colleagues who have also recorded their memories of him.

His close friend Chris James of Barbican FC
“Another UNSUNG HERO gone, but never to be forgotten.
Another KSAFA family member who gave back to our youth, but unrecognized by Jamaica. A true and genuine friend. Rest well my friend”.

Carvel Stewart, Chairman of Harbour View FC
“To say he was a football soldier would be an understatement; he was that and much more. In addition to his family and friends KSAFA will miss him greatly as he has been the bedrock of New Kingston FC
RIP David Mighty”

Andrew Price, President of Boys Town
“Mr. Mighty was a great servant to the KSAFA Family and football in general. He will be thoroughly missed”
May his soul rest in peace and light perpetual shine on him.

Chona-Kay Cohen of Molynes United FC
“Mr. Mighty was not only a servant of the great game, but also was a very sociable and jovial individual anyone could be around.
Mighty will be missed as he was a fixture of football in KSAFA.
R.I.P gone but not'll be sadly missed”

Felix Porter of Waterhouse FC
“I would like to express my deep regrets at the passing of David Mighty.
He truly was a servant of football. I can say that at my time at Waterhouse FC we worked well together.
May his soul rest in peace”

Paul Hibbert of Bull Bay FC
“Mighty was one of my closest friends, and therefore I take this opportunity to ask that we ensure that his contribution to football and the Jamaican society does not go unrecognized. It is high time that we demand respect for the work that football administrators do for the Jamaican society at personal expense to our everyday life.

Wayne Robinson – former President of JISA and Principal of JC
“His commitment and contribution to football and youth development was deep and serious. We will miss him.
Michael Boothe – Real Mona FC
“I remember that every preseason New Kingston F.C. would play at least one practice match against Real Mona F.C. Over the years one could see the improvement in the organization and discipline regarding David’s Club. His track record will show that at all levels he always honoured his fixtures even though he did not have a field of his own. I agree with Chris James that he should be recognized for his unwavering contribution to the youth development through football. He was a big man, but was exceeded by his heart and passion for the beautiful game”.
Peter Moses – Real Mona FC
“David was not only passionate about the game of football but also saw it as a tool to help steer young men along the right path in life. His work in this regard will endure. It is an honour to have known David - his personality was infectious and his deeds worthy of the highest commendation possible.
May he Rest in Peace”

Carlton ‘Spanner’ Dennis of Santos FC
“At matches against New Kingston, even when the game had ended players were still coming to the field. I think Mighty has the most players and I don’t know where he gets all of them from. The players respected him. Last time I saw him was at a Christmas-get-together and Mighty headed straight for the kitchen. I asked if he isn’t tired to eat and he replied saying food fi eat man. Football has lost a great man”.
In closing, let me express on behalf of the Kingston and St. Andrew Football Association, Council, its Clubs, Affiliates and players our sincere condolences on David’s untimely passing to his mother Iona Mighty, sister Janet Evans, brothers Collin and Charles and other close relatives. David gave everything to his Club and to the development of football in the corporate area. The KSAFA family has lost a truly great soldier who will be sadly missed. May his soul rest in peace and light perpetual shine on him.

Ambassador A.B. Stewart Stephenson
Former President, KSAFA
Sunday February 5, 2017