KSAFA-Western Sports Match Balls Partnership

As discussed at our Annual General Meeting held Saturday September 28, 2017, the Association has partnered with Western Sports as our official ball sponsor. Select Brand is to be the Official match Ball for all KSAFA Competitions. Clubs participating in ALL KSAFA competitions MUST present a SELECT ball to the Match Officials at their home games. kSAFA will determine the level ball that will be allowed (FIFA / IMS or Non Certified).

Western Sports will provide the following:
Clubs participating in the Super and Major Leagues will be provided with two (2) match balls free of cost. Clubs are can purchase up to six (6) match balls at 50%.
Clubs participating in the Jackie Bell Knockout, Under 20, Under 17, Under 13 and Under 15 will be provided with one match ball free of cost. Clubs can purchase up to three (3) match balls at 50%.
Premier League Clubs participating in the Jackie Bell Knockout will be provided with one match balls free of cost. each Premier League Club can purchase up to four (4) match balls at 50%.
All Clubs with the exception of the Premier League Clubs will be offered ten (10) training balls of any quality at a 50% discount prior to the start of the competitions.
ALL orders MUST be booked and purchased through the KSAFA Office. There will be two (2) windows open to facilitate this process:
1st Window- Thursday September 21, 2017 - Friday September 29, 2017
2nd Window- Monday October 9, 2017 - Friday October 20, 2017
Once the competitions has started then Clubs have the option to purchase directly from Western Sports at a special offer of 20% discount up to the Final round of the competitions.

NB: Western Sports reserves the right to withdraw this offer to any Club who may be considered to be abusing this facility.