Founded 1971
Mission To assist with the holistic development of our society through football and winning trophies and keeping supporters happy
President Christopher Hemmings
Vice President Rohan Goodhall
Treasurer/Manager Errol Howlett (KSAFA Treasurer)
Secretary Christina Preston
Executive members Rohan Simmons, Royvin Noble, Domminick Chambers, Andrew Williams and Andrew Jones
Coach Nicholas Stewart
Captain Kevin Nichols
Allman/Woodford FC is a KSAFA affiliated Club that won the KSAFA Syd Bartlett football competition in the 2003/04 season. We are currently the Major league champion for the 2011/12 season in our tenth year since retuning.

The club is based in the communities of Allman Town & Woodford Park in the constituency of Central Kingston and has been playing its home game at the Heroes Circle since 1984. Originally founded in 1971 as the Allman Town Football Club, the name was changed to Allman/Woodford in 1984.

After non participation in KSAFA competitions from 1992 – 2001, then in 2002, Mr. Christopher Hemmings, Mrs. Debbie Hunter, Andrew Williams and Mr Rohan Goodhall re-started the Allman/Woodford F.C with the assistance of The Gleaner Company’s sponsorship.

We entered the KSAFA Syd Bartlett competition in the 2002/03 season and was placed 3rd behind winners August Town F.C. We went on to win the 2003/04 Syd Bartlett competition and was promoted to the Major league for the following season. The 2004/05 Major League season was a disappointed one as we finished the season in eleventh position and was relegated back to the Syd Bartlett competition. Each year the club is represented by five (5) teams; the senior team, under 13, under 15, under 17 and under 20.

We will now be participating in the Super league competition for the 2012/13 season which is a first for our club.

It was a remarkable turn-a-round from last season where we finish in 10th place. We had to revamp the programme by first obtaining a new coach in Nichols Stewart who did an excellent job with the recruitment process to create the perfect blend of new and existing which resulted in a team chemistry that proved to be one of champions.

MAJOR league
o 11th – 2004/05
o 10th – 2010/11
o Champions - 2011/12

o 3rd – 2002/03
o Champions - 2003/04
o 5th - 2005/06
o 6th - 2006/07
o 5th – 2007/08
o 4th – 2008/09
o 4th - 2009/10

Red | Blue & White

• Gleaner Co. Ltd
• Burger King
• Pear Tree Press

• Under 13, 15, 17 & 20

• Syd Bartlett Champions – 2003/2004 season
• Major League Champions – 2011/2012 season
• Under 17 (2nd) Kingston Zone – 2009/2010 season

• Carl Dawkins (Singer)
• Denton Dawkins
• Benjamin Hinds
• Rolin Griffiths
• Clive Spencer
• Paul Hayden
• Ignatius Stacious
• Clifford Gordon (Sn)
• Lance Dacosta

TOP PLAYERS – (2011/2012)
• Damion Williams (6 goals)
• Gary Lewis (7 goals)
• Horasha Wallace – Goalkeeper (9 clean Sheet)
• Greg Whitter, Kevin Morris & Kevin Nichols (Defenders – Best defensive record of season)

This season was an all round team effort from goal keeper to the forwards.


We will start preparations to participate in the KSAFA Champions Cup in August which we will use as a spring board to our Super League season and hopefully our major league triumph will assist in garnering additional sponsors to come on board for the bigger and better 2012/2013 season. The management will be organizing the club and putting guidelines in place as we embark on our first season in the Super league. We will also be on scouting missions to find quality players to enhance our squad as we go for the Super league title and try to become the seventh KSAFA club in the premier league.

For further information please don’t hesitate to call
Errol Howlett
844-5067 & 527-9883
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