Magnum/KSAFA Super & Major Leagues Results

Please see the result for the game played today Tuesday January 9, 2018 in the Magnum/KSAFA Major League.

Major League Zone B

Greenwich Town FC 2 Olympic Gardens FC 1
GS: Michael Sinclair
Shadean Goshlin

Please see the results for games played today Sunday January 7, 2018 in the Magum/KSAFA Major League.

Major League Zone A

Stony Hill FC 3 Constant Spring FC 2
GS: Everton Ricketts
Roje Raffington

Liguanea United FC 1 Cooreville Gardens FC 1
GS: Gavin McKay

Shortwood United FC 1 Duhaney Park FC 3
GS: Carlton Salmon Gs: Kemar Reid 3

Red Hills United FC 1 Police National FC 0
GS: Rolando Thompson

Major League Zone B

Whitfield Town FC 0 Allman/Woodford FC 1
GS: Akeem Grant

Results for Saturday January 6, 2018 Magnum/KSAFA Super & Major Leagues Games

Super League Cross Zone

Mountain View FC 0 Pembroke Hall FC 0

Rae Town FC 3 Maxfield Park FC 3
GS: Cadine Graham GS: Richard Edwards
Michael James Jermaine Myers
Andre Williams Jermaine Edwards

Central Kingston FC 0 Molynes United FC 8
GS:Jeremy Nelson 4
Nicholas Nelson 2
Sergini Frankson
Remailo Wilson

Rockfort FC 0 Real Mona FC 2

Browns Town FC 2 Barbican FC 3
GS: Andrew McLead
Deshawn Morrison
Shaquille Lewis

Santos FC 0 Maverley/Hughenden FC 2

Major League Zone B

New Kingston FC 1 Swallowfield FC 0
GS: Kaniel Daley

Bull Bay FC 2 Seaview Gardens FC 1
GS: Jaheim Grant
Delroy Harrison