Cavalier Soccer Club- The call of the ball

The Cavalier Soccer Club presently operates a football franchise under the Kingston and St. Andrew Football Association (KSAFA), which is affiliated to the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF). The club presently has approximately 300 players including 20 females that participated in the 2010 KSAFA Women’s Under 17 and Open Five-a-Side Leagues

The Club was founded by the late Leighton Duncan O.D. at the Wolmer’s Boy’s School on August 1, 1962. A former Technical Director and National Coach of Jamaica, ‘Dunks’ was one the earliest individual to form a non-community club in Jamaica.

Leighton Duncan receiving a plaque from Roy Howell President of Santos for his contribution to sports (1989 ) (Photo: Provided by The Jamaica Gleaner Company) Cavalier S.C. 2009/2010 KSAFA/Claro Super League champions
The Club has undergone several changes since the death of Leighton Duncan in November 2000. These include being relegated to Division I football and losing its home at Stadium East. The team is now temporarily based at St. George’s College.

The Club’s Motto is “E Pluribus Unum” (One for all and all for one).

Base on the Club’s motto, Cavalier S.C. has risen to the forefront of corporate area football by winning the 2009/2010 Kingston and St. Andrew Super League. By virtue of the KSAFA Super League title, the Club advanced to the National Premier League playoff but only just failed to qualify for the 2010 /2011 marquee championship.

The Club’s objectives are: -

(a) the promotion of good competitive and friendly rivalry .

(b) unearthing hidden talents that can be harnessed, trained and directed to our national programme.

(c) the acquisition of a FIFA approved soccer field.

(d) seating accommodation for two thousand five hundred spectators (2,500) with a view to increasing to five thousand (5,000) including a VIP (300) and broadcast stand.

(e) building a hostel with capacity for fifty (50) persons as well as attendant facilities, that is: -

(i) Refreshment areas.
(ii) Meeting room for its members.

(f) mini training area for skills training.

Club Executive

Rudolph Speid - Chairman and Technical Dir.
Andrew Thomas - President
Jean Duncan-Barrett - Vice President
Barrington Deer - Manager
George Stephen - Treasurer
Kenrick Barnaby - Assist. General Manager
Jerrold Johnson - Marketing Manager
The Club has the following teams participating in JFF and KSAFA competitions: –

Senior Team - 40 players
Under 20 team - 35 players
Under 17 team - 30 players
Under 15 team - 30 players
Under 13 team - 30 players
Past Achievements

1962 Won Division II and Junior Knockout Championships – unbeaten
1963 Won “Most Sparkling Team” award
– Diamond Soccer Awards
1964 Won All-Island Knockout Championship
– Ovaltine Trophy Cavalier Coach awarded “Coach of the Year” award
– Diamond Soccer Award
1965 Won Division I Championship
– Arthur McKenzie Cup Cavalier Player awarded “Player of the Year” award
– Diamond Soccer Awards Cavalier Player awarded “Most Improved Player” award.
1966 Won Booker Challenge Trophy Cavalier Squad toured Bermuda Cavalier Coaching School established. In conjunction with JFF, conducted Coaching Clinic for coaches.
1967 Won Juvenile All-Island Knockout Championship
– Alcan Trophy Won Homelectrix Knockout Championship Cavalier player voted “Most Outstanding Player” in Homelectrix Tournament
1968 Hosts of Detroit Cougars Soccer Club of the North American League. Cavalier squad toured Haiti.
1969 Track and Field athletic section of Club established. Promoted initial Annual Athletic Meet for schoolgirls
1971 Host to Santos of Brazil and Chelsea of England Cavalier International XI commemoration of Santos-Chelsea Tournament Won Parish Division I Championship
– Arthur McKenzie Cup.
Won Juvenile All-Island Knockout Championship – Alcan Trophy
1972 - Won National Knockout Competition
– Ovaltine Did not participate in Parish League
1973 Did not participate in Parish League
1974 Won Parish League – Major League
1975 Second in National Club League
1976 Second in National Club League
1977 Won Parish Knockout Competition – Umoja Cup
1978 Won Parish League
– Major League Joint Winners JFF Knockout Competition
– President’s Cup
1979 Second in National Club League Finalist in Parish League
– Major League Finalist in Parish Knockout Competition
– Umoja Founder of Cavalier awarded National Honour – Order of Distinction
1980 Finalist in Parish League
– Major League (competition abandoned) Won National Club League
1983 Finalist in Parish League Cavalier Top Goal Scorer of Competition
1984 Third in National Premier League
1985 Third in National Premier League Fourth in President’s Cup
1986 Finalist in Parish League
1988 Fourth in National Premier League
1989 Third in President’s Cup Finalist in Parish Knockout Competition – Umoja
1992 Third in National Premier League
1993 Published “Call of the Ball’” as part of 30th anniversary celebrations
1994 Semi-finalist in National Premier League
2001 Finalist in Syd Bartlett League Promoted to Major League
2006 Promoted to Super League Runner-up Major League
2008 Won Under 15 Confederation League ( KSAFA)
2009 Won Under 15 Confederation League ( KSAFA)
Won Under 13 Confederation League (KSAFA)
Super League Runner-up Winner of Fair Play Award
2010 Won KSAFA Super League Won Under 17 Confederation (KSAFA) Finalist- Jackie Bell Knockout Competition
Past National Players

Art Welch
Asher Welch
Clarence Prendis
David Bernard
David Burgess
Delroy Scott
Derrick Hardine
Leroy Graham
Lorne Donaldson
Neville Oxford
Solomon Gayle
William (Roy) Welch
Current National Players

Alanzo Adlam
Keith Simpson
National Under-15 Invitees

Javaugh Francis
Nico Campbell
Damali McIntosh
Patrick Palmer
Jason Wright
Romario Jones
Janeel Tyle
Chevon Marsh
Lorenzo Osbourne
Real Madrid F.C. ( Spain) Invitees

Jason Wright
Patrick Palmer
Valencia F.C. (Spain) Invitee

Zhelano Barnes
Goals: The Club is dedicated to the cause of lifting Jamaican Football to an International standard while maintaining at all times the highest possible standards of sportsmanship.