Chairman: Dr. Winston Davidson
General Secretary: Mrs. Sarah Martin
Chairman of School Board: Mr. Trevor Spence
President of Old Boys' Association: Mr. Joseph Lincoln
Founder: The Rev. Hon. Dr. Hugh B. Sherlock, O.J., O.B.E., J.P. (Deceased)

The Boys' Town institution began in 1940 by the Reverend Father Hugh Sherlock as a joint project of the Methodist Church and the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA). The institution is a part of the inner-city community of Trench Town and is an inspiration for many of the young persons in the community and has served as a leading institution in the development of youth in Trench Town. The institution includes a basic and all-age schools, HEART Training Institute as well as a cricket and football clubs These activities have assisted the inner-city youths to develop skills, both academically and physically.

Boys' Town has produced stalwarts and outstanding individuals in many fields of sports, music, commerce, industry and many other professions. These include Leroy Sibbles, Ken Boothe, Bob Marley, Collie Smith, Gladstone Robinson, Raymond Forrest, Churchill Neita, Locksley Comrie (Past President - JFF), Carl Brown O. D., Tappa Zukie, Ity and Fancy Cat, Patrick Anderson (Past President - JAAA & JFF), Junior Lincoln and Andrew Price among many others.

The football club has grown tremendously over the years. It has produced some quality players such as Herbert 'Dago" Gordon, Thomas McLean, Lenworth Hyde, Christopher Ziadie,Ali McNab, Devon ‘Roots ‘ Lewis, Edward Parkes, Oneil Thompson, Carl Brown O. D., Lindy Delapenha, Cleveland Richards, Archie Reid, Lloyd ‘Respic’ Morgan, Leroy Gordon, Les Brown, Lyndel Wright, O. Gordon "Collie" Smith, Allan "Skill" Cole among many many others who have gone on to represent the country. Some players have managed to secure international scholarships and player contract through football while others have excelled in this area and are now imparting their knowledge to others. Edward Parkes is one of the many success stories to have emerged from the Boys' Town Football Club. He received a sports scholarship from North Carolina University - in the USA. Oniel Thompson is presently playing semi-professional football in England. Carl Brown is a former Technical Director of the Jamaican National Football Teams including the Reggae Boyz and currently the Technical Director of the Cayman National Football programme

The Club and Boys' Town Institution is also assisting students to secure text books for back to school and other young persons to secure places in high Schools and universities. Kadian Joseph and Terri-Ann Lewis, even though not footballers, are products of the Boys' Town institution. Kadian is presently attending the University of the West Indies- Mona Campus and Terri-Ann Lewis recently completed her studies at that University.

Boys' Town footballers have a very competitive spirit, which enabled them to win several national football titles, trophies and individual awards. They have won the JFF National Premier League, KSAFA Major League and JFF President's Cup many times. Boys' Town players were adjudged Leading Goal Scorers and Most Valuable Players frequently over the years.

Our recent record of achievement in football reads as follows:

1972-1973 KSAFA Major League Champions

1974-1975 KSAFA Major League Champions

1981 -1982 KSAFA Major League Champions

1982-1983 KSAFA Major League Champions

1983-1984 KSAFA Major League champions

1983-1984 JFF National Premier League Champions

1984-1985 KSAFA Major League Champions

1985-1986 JFF National Premier League Champions

1988-1989 KSAFA Major League Champions

1988-1989 JFF National Premier League Champions

1989 JFF Champion of Champions

2003-2004 KSAFA Supper League Champions

2005-2006 KSAFA Jackie Bell Knock-Out Champions

2008-2009 – JFF Flow KO Champions