Bull Bay - The Golden Era-1999-2002

Bull Bay FC was formed in 1975, and with headquarters at Nine Miles Housing Scheme, the Club entered the KSAFA Major League that same year with playing field at Windsor Lodge. It was not by accident that the club donned the colour red, gold and green as it was born and nestled in the Mecca of the Rastafarian Movement such as the home grown Bobo Shanti ,the nascent Twelve Tribes of Israel as well as served as the gathering and retreat for Bob Marley that 'Chant Down Babylon' with the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari and regular Nyabinghi Observances.

The Club relocated to Bull Pen in 1998 and fired with the motto'"Together we work,together we achieve" the Bull Bay FC was to witness a second renaissance.

The Golden Era-1998-2002

The Bull Bay Football Club emerged as a Cinderella story in local football for a few yaers shy ofa decade commencing 1998. In 1998 Mr. Barrington “Cobra” Gaynor, a former national representative, was appointed Technical Director supported by a newly formed management team. The management team, along with disciplined players exhibiting an increased level of professionalism, has secured consecutive championship seasons and a second place finish in the 2001-2002 National A-League Competition.

The Club historically went undefeated in winning the Syd Bartlett (Division Two) championship in the 1999-2000 season and Barrington Gaynor was voted Kingston and St. Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) Coach of the year. The Club also captured the Most Valuable Player and Leading Goal Scorer awards. It then continued the momentum of success by winning the KSAFA Major League (Division One) Competition, the following season. The Club concurrently went to the quarterfinals in the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) National Federation Cup competition and semi-finals in the KSAFA Jackie Bell Knockout Competition in 2000-2001, earning the nickname “Giant Killers” by the local media, because of victory over several National Premier and A-League teams in the competition. During the 2001-2002 National A-League Competition, Bull Bay team went undefeated for nineteen consecutive games, before eventually losing a game in the final, finishing second in the competition. The Club recorded the most wins in the competition and vice captain, Milton Griffiths, was the competitions Leading Goal Scorer.

The Club's under 20 team had its most successful season, when it finished second in the KSAFA Alliance Capital Under 20 Competition in the 2000-2001 season. The development of young players was evident throughout the season.

The talented Under 12 team made it to the quarter-final in the KSAFA run competition and was voted the most disciplined team.

The Club also developed a scholarship program based on its connection with overseas colleges. Presently, Luke Hamilton and Kirk Williams are attending William Carey College, while Marlon Sullivan and Derron Cornwall are attending Meridian Community College in Mississippi. Three other players went off to college for the 2002 Fall Semester.
The Nephew of Chairman of the KSAFA Competitions CommitteePeter Higgins,Kirk Williams graduated with a first degreein management and is presntly livingand playing in Sweden.

The current mangement team comprise:

Gerald Jones-Chairman
Marlon Plummer-President
Richard Brown -Secretary
Barrington Gaynor-Technical Director
Howard Henry-Senior Team Manager
Andre Williams- Senior Team Coach
Owen Wright- Junior Team coach
The Club can be contacted at :


Its website address is www.eteamz.com/bullbayfc