The Duhaney Park Football Club has been in existence for over four decades and has participated in organized football leagues since. The sport enjoyed its present level of sophistication locally and is now attracting international attention. Over the year the club has had mixed results, however in recent years success has been quite consistent and the efforts of the senior men’s team has given the club and the large community of supporters reasons to be proud. Unfortunately, the administrative, management and financial support did not keep pace with the success on the field of play, this causing a temporary slow down in the pace of the club’s progress. Not with standing these challenges, the club has tremendous potential and clearly achievable goals, which can be realized, given the right combination of technical, financial and management support


The football field is located in the Duhaney Park housing development that consists of over 9,000 homes. The community is made up of various age groups and income levels.


The club has a comprehensive football program involving junior and senior player. The teams that now play league football are:

1. Under 13

2. Under 15

3. Under 17

4. Under 20

5. Men’s Senior Team


There is one Technical director appointed by the club, for the overall program of the senior and junior teams. Each team has a coach, an assistant coach, a medic and a team Manager.


1988 Winner of the Syd Bartlett Competition

1990 Winner of the Syd Bartlett Competition

1991 Winner of the Jackie Bell Competition

1994 Winner of the Syd Bartlett Competition

2000 Winner of the Major League Competition

2001 Finalist of the ‘A’ league Competition

2001 Promotion to the Nation highest and most prestigious league , The National Premier League.

2002 awarded the FIFA fair play award

2006 Winner of the Major League Competition

2007 3rd Place of the Jackie Bell Competition

2008 3rd Place of the Jackie Bell Competition

2008 4 Place of the Flow Champion Cup

2008 awarded the FIFA fair play award


The management team of committed individuals has the reins of the club’s administration. This team is to establish the proper management and administration Framework to facilitate sustainable development of the football program and the club as a Whole.

Executives Members President Peter Simpson (Sales Executive) Vice-President Donavan Martin (Shipping Executive) General Secretary Loxley Tulloch (Shipping Executive) Fund raising Kaple Clarke

Ex Officio Member Orville Marshall (Computer Consultant) Carlton Barclay (Banking Executive)


The club is funded largely by personal and corporate donations and sponsorship. This makes the revenue side of the equation very unpredictable, often preventing the implementation of excellent program. The management has revamped existing programs and added new ones in an effort to attract sustained financial support. Most of the programs are designed to give corporate sponsors great advertising opportunity and high public visibility. The programs are outlined below:

(!) Team Sponsorship Program A detailed breakdown of these expenses is available in our budget up on Request. Perimeter Advertising Signs

The football field has inner and outer perimeter fencing that provides an Opportunity to place advertising signs all around the grounds that are visible To all who visit or use the field and persons passing the facility. Presently there are signs on display from JNBS, Grace Kennedy and Western Union/ Bill Express. The standard size of these advertising signboards are ten feet wide by three feet high (10’x3’) A detailed breakdown on production, installation and annual rental of the space on requested.


There are a number of worthwhile projects being considered for the betterment of football in particular, and the club in general. The construction of a mini stadium which will cost the club twenty five million dollar. A system is in place to achieve this milestone. This will be done in phases.

PHASE 1. Construction of Sanitary Conveniences;

Changing rooms and shower facilities for both home & visitors, this is Being taken on by the SOCIAL DEVELOMENT COMMISSION & LIFT UP JAMAICA PROGRAM.


The lighting system is to be up-graded by the removing & replacement of Poles, new light bulb, and the running of underground wires, A detailed breakdown of these expenses is available upon request.


The club is seeking to improve its seating facility which will take the form Aluminum bleachers. This will bring our facility up to standard to attract high-level matches, Including international ones, The rear of the bleacher will be reserved for your advertising sign. A quotation is available upon request.

PHASE 4 The sports bar & grill Sports shops Gym Other shops

The Duhaney Park Football Club has the management framework and skills to develop And maintain the football program and projects, which are geared to develop our home ground at Baldwin crescent into a first class facility.

We welcome your interest in our association, and look forward to working with you to build a mutually benefical relationship. Should you need any clarification or further Information, please contact:

Peter Simpson 350-4997 920-0162 psimpson4395@yahoo.com

Loxley Tulloch 909-3764 923-4911 loxley.tulloch@gkco.com