General Secretary's Report

 August 14th, 2010



Carlene Edwards

General Secretary

This Report is presented to the
Delegates and Affiliates in fulfillment of the requirement to do so
under the Constitution of the KSAFA. Specifically it provides details
of the activities of the KSAFA 2008/2010

Secretariat and selected
sub-committees of Council for the period September 2009 to August

Details are presented under the following topics, Council meetings and
offerings from Affiliates, sub-committees, secretariat matters,
Club/Affiliate Development and reporting to the JFF.


Consistent with the provisions of the
KSAFA Constitution, Council 2008/2010 was comprised of the seven
elected members of Council and representatives of the four affiliated
organizations. The affiliated members of Council are the Business
House Football Association (“BHFA”), Jamaica Independent Schools
Association (“JISA”), the KSAFA Masters League Association (“KSAMLA”)
and the Whole Life Ministries completed the Council.

In addition to the elected members
and affiliates Council appointed 13 sub-committees two of which were
new. The sub-committees of Council 2008/2010 and Chairpersons are as
follows: Competitions - Peter Higgins; Technical - Richard Nathan;
Infrastructure - Godfrey Lothian; Rules Review - Orville Marshall;
Referees - Donovan Muir; Disciplinary - Burchell Gibson; Appeals -
Suzan Dodd; Finance – Brian Rose, Sponsorship – Stephen Bell and
Website Development - Basil Waite. The two new sub-committees are PR
and Special Projects chaired by Carlene Edwards and Women’s Football -
Jacqueline Cowan. The chairmen of the various sub-committees also
attended Council meetings.

For the two year existence of this
Council 26 ordinary meetings were conducted. 12 of those Meetings were
ordinary scheduled while two were emergency meetings. These meeting
were held between September 2009 and August 2010. The emergency
meetings were in response to communications from the Jamaica Football
Federation which includes referee branding.

The attendance record for Council
meetings is presented in Appendix 1 which is self explanatory. It
should be noted that during the review period Gregory A. Simms
resigned both as the KSAFA General Secretary and one of its
representative on the Board of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF).
Mr. Simms tendered his resignation after differences with the JFF
Board after that body’s meeting in February 2010. Subsequent to his
resignation Mr. Simms was asked to remain on Council as its Recording
Secretary. Council also ratified a recommendation by the President for
Simms to be appointed Chair of the KSAFA Sponsorship Committee.
Carlene Edwards – Chair of the PR & Sponsorship Committee was
subsequently installed as the General Secretary.

For the review period the
Disciplinary and Appeals sub-committees were kept engaged as a result
of matters that arose from the robust competitions that were contested
by the teams. In particular, the Disciplinary and Appeals
sub-committees met 27 and 5 times respectively.


STAFF – Miss Kerry-Ann Messam
has been employed to the Secretariat since November 17, 2008 as the
Administrator with the assistance of Miss Tamika Julye and Miss Timmoy
Whyte who joined the Association in September 2009 as Administrative
Assistant and Administrative Clerk respectively.

CHALLANGES – There has been a
vast improvement in the level of service being provided by the
Secretariat, despite the many challenges and changes in procedure. One
of the major challenges faced by the Secretariat is that of the
registration of clubs for competitions. The constant facilitating of
clubs to register their teams after their scheduled registration date
and time continues to pose a major problem. It puts the secretariat
under excessive strain resulting in some competitions starting late
start, especially in the Youth leagues as well as a back log in
administrative functions.

Another challenge was that of Clubs
visiting the office on match days to conduct registration matters.
These include re-registration as well as awaiting I.D.’s to
participate in matches on the same day.

The other challenge is that of the
flow of information / communication. Clubs are asked to submit at
least five contact persons who has access to an email address so that
correspondences can be sent to them on a daily basis. Despite the fact
that this information was supplied, there was an increase in
complaints from clubs which includes failure to check their emails.


The implementation of the electronic
database system has helped both the Secretariat and clubs in the
registration of players participating in the KSAFA competitions. The
information which is uploaded to a central database 
can be used to capture information such as player’s playing history.


In an effort to minimize the
complaints and establish an efficient service whereby our Affiliates
can be served better, the following recommendations must be
instituted, however, this can ONLY be achieved if ALL
Clubs/Secretariat Staff respects and honour the systems that are put
in place.

  1. Regularize Office Opening Hours

  2. Advance
    preparation and dissemination of Registration packages to Clubs
    prior to their respective competitions

  3. Establish
    registration dates and times for all competitions

  4. Sanctioned/Penalized clubs who fail to meet prescribed registration
    dates and times

  5. Minimize
    the acceptance of incomplete registration packages

  6. Institute
    Re-registration dates and times

  7. Establish
    collections days and times for player’s I.D.’s

  8. h)
    Regularize the submission of Match information and Match Cards to
    the KSAFA from the KSAFA Referee’s Group. The referee’s assistance
    will be very crucial in carrying out this process.

  9. Regularize the scheduling of Competitions, Disciplinary and Appeals
    meetings including providing enough notice to the parties involved

  10. Regularize the re-scheduling of matches, i.e. in addition to emails
    being sent, contact must be made with Club representative/s

  11. Regularize the dissemination of match day information, yellow card
    information and Club statements to Affiliates

  12. Establish
    the format in which player’s photos must be submitted by Clubs for
    uploading to player’s database

  13. Respond
    to queries in a timely manner

  14. Acquire
    new or refurbish existing equipment at the secretariat, which
    includes computer, laminating machine and printer

  15. Maintaining of player database system


Competitions – The Competitions
Committee was chaired by Peter Higgins and included Michael Blair,
Paul Elliot, Philip Robinson and Ruben Hanson. That Committee was
responsible for organizing the five KSAFA Senior Competitions - KSAFA
Champions Cup, Jackie Bell, Super, Major and Syd Bartlett Leagues as
well as all Youth Competitions.

The 2009/2010 started with the Claro
Champions Cup in which Waterhouse were crowned Champions. The next
competition was the Jackie Bell which got off to a late start however
it produced very competitive matches. In the Final contested on April
17, 2010, August Town defeated Cavalier 4-2.

The Super, Major and Syd Bartlett
competitions were won by Cavalier, UWI and Seaview Gardens

Due to Cavalier’s failure to qualify
for the 2010/2011 Premier League and August Town’s relegation from the
2009/2010 Premier League along with the expulsion of Meadhaven United
and Maverley/Hughenden from next season’s competition, Bull Bay will
be demoted to the 2010/2011 Major League.

UWI and runner-up Rockfort FC from
the Major League will be promoted to the Super League while Seaview
Gardens and runner-up Stony Hill will be promoted to the Major League.
Additionally due to the expulsion of Whitfield Town and Liguanea
United from next season’s competition a play-off among the 11th and
12th placed teams from the Major league – Swallowfield United and
Olympic Gardens respectively (relegated teams) and the 3rd and 4th
placed teams - Shortwood United and Allman/Woodford FC from the Syd
Bartlett competition will be conducted to finalize the teams that will
participate in both the Major and Syd Bartlett competitions for the
2010/2011 season.

Based on the expulsion of the teams
mentioned earlier, the Major and Syd Bartlett Leagues will now be
contested by ten and seven teams respectively.

The 2010/2011 Senior Competitions are
scheduled to start as follows:

a) Champions League - August 7,

b) Jackie Bell - September 4, 2010

c) Super League - October 2, 2010

d) Syd Bartlett - October 3, 2010

e) Major League – November 6, 2010

KSAFA Youth Competitions –

KSAFA continues to set an example
regarding the number of games being played by youths in the Kingston
and St. Andrew region. A total of five youth competitions (U20, U17,
U15, U13 (Males) and an U17 Female five-a-side), broken down in
geographic areas (Kingston & St. Andrew) or in Zones are contested on
a yearly basis.

Harbour View, Red Hills and Central
Kingston were the U20 Confederation, St. Andrew and Kingston winners
respectively. Cavalier, Barbican and Maxfield Park were the U17
Confederation, Zone A and Zone B Champions respectively.

Tivoli Gardens, Central Kingston and
Duhaney Park were the U15 Confederation, Zone A and Zone B winners
respectively while in the U13 competitions Real Mona, Central Kingston
and Seaview Gardens were the Confederation, Kingston and St. Andrew
winners respectively.

Technical – The Technical
Committee was comprised of Richard Nathan – Chairman; Martin Lyn -
Vice Chairman, Michael Lowe, Charles Barrett, Evan McKenzie and
Carlton Dennis.

The Committee had scheduled monthly
meetings but also met bi-monthly when there was a demanded for it to
do so. For the period under review the Committee directed its
attention specifically to – the introduction of Match Commissioners
for KSAFA Senior Competitions and Field Inspections. The Committee
also directed some attention to the areas of Refereeing and Coaching.
To avoid any conflict with the JFF Coaching School the Committee did
not actively pursue any coaching venture on its own. The Committee
also adopted that position in following the lead of the JFRA and the
KSAFA Referee’s Group in matters relating to Referees.

Introduction of Match

For the 2009/2010 season the Committee sought and obtained the
approval from Council for the introduction of Match Commissioners in
the CLARO/KSAFA Senior Competitions.

The introduction of Match
Commissioners was a success. Among other things the Match
Commissioners were charged with the responsibilities to act on behalf
of council as it relates to matches being played. Through the services
provided by the Commissioners, the KSAFA Secretariat was able to
disseminate in a timely manner, updated information relating to games.
Previously the Secretariat had to await the delivery of Match Cards
from the Referees and that disrupted information flow about games.

Field Inspections

All football fields used by Clubs
participating in the KSAFA administered competitions were inspected.
Arising from those inspections the Committee found that in the CLARO/KSAFA
Super League – two of the teams had no playing venue of their own;
seven teams had fields with good playing surface and changing
facilities for visitors. The playing surface used by the other three
teams was in fairly good condition but they did not have any changing
facilities for visitors. Overall assessment of the super league fields
was very good.

In the CLARO/KSAFA Major League, one
team had playing surfaces that was in very poor condition and in the
opinion of the Committee should not host games. Four other teams had
either their own playing venues, 6 teams had playing surfaces that
were in fairly good condition with about 70% - 75 % grass and two of
these teams had changing facilities for the visitors. 1 team had a
very good playing surface with good changing facilities for visitors.

The Committee is of the view that the
tardiness of some teams to prepare for their home games should be
urgently addressed if this competition is to reflect its status as the
primary feeder to the Confederation’s top flight Super League.

Nine playing surfaces were inspected
at the CLARO/KSAFA level. The playing surfaces used by three of the
participating teams were, in the opinion of the Committee, not
suitable for playing football. The Committee further recommends that
no KSAFA competition be scheduled for these fields until they are
properly fixed. Three other of the teams participating at this level
had no playing venue of their own. The remaining three teams had
fairly good playing surfaces.

The committee believes there is need
for a serious look at this competition with a view for possible


The standard of refereeing displayed
during the recently concluded football season demands attention before
the start of the 2010/2011 season. Whereas the Technical Committee has
former Referees among its members it recognizes the role of and yield
to the JFRA and the KSAFA Referees Group in this area.


The Committee has observed
improvement in this area, especially at the Super League Level.
Several KSAFA coaches have upgraded their knowledge of the sport
through their attendance to various coaching courses and seminars at
both home and abroad.

Youth Competitions

With four age group competitions been
run by the KSAFA and two been compulsory , that is, under 13 and under
20, again we believe that some clubs are neglecting the efforts of
developing young talents as some tries to avoid participating in the

PR & Special Projects – The P.R. & Special projects committee
executed its functions expeditiously during the review period. Clubs,
Sponsors, Media and the general public were kept abreast of all the
activities involving the KSAFA Clubs throughout the electronic and
print media. The KSAFA website was also used as another tool to
interact with its affiliates and the general public.

Women’s Football – The mandate
of this Committee at the start of this Administration was to re-launch
a Women’s Programme in KSAFA. This was done in the form of an Under 20
Women’s Five-a-Side competition which kicked off in April 2009.

Under the review period, an under 17
competition was added, to run concurrently with the Under 20 Women’s
Five-a-Side (an open league). The Under 17 Competition was contested
by five clubs – Cavalier SC; Constant Spring FC, Cooreville Gardens
FC, Greenwich Town FC and Waterhouse FC

The finals of the Under 17
competition were contested between Waterhouse and Constant Spring
place on July 10, between Waterhouse FC and Constant Spring FC.
Waterhouse emerged winners. Greenwich Town were the third place

Twelve (12) Clubs participated in the
open league. They were - Arnett Gardens, Constant Spring, Meadhaven
United, New Kingston, Olympic Gardens, Shortwood United, Waterhouse,
Bull Bay, Greenwich Town, Allman/Woodford, Cooreville Gardens and
Cavalier S.C.

Bull Bay, Greenwich Town, Allman/Woodford,
Cavalier and Cooreville Gardens were first time entrants.

The Open League final was a copy of
the Under 17 final with Waterhouse FC and Constant Spring FC again
meeting to decide the competition. Waterhouse emerged victorious once
again with a 3-0 score margin. Third place went to Meadhaven United.

Rules Review – The Committee
is comprised of Orville Marshall (Chair), Donovan Martin, Chris James,
Ansel Lee and Felix Porter. Two meetings were held.

The Committee worked on the following projects:

  1. Reviewed
    criteria for KSAFA Clubs

  2. Developing the necessary documentation for Parishes within KSAFA to
    be autonomous

  3. Incorporation of KSAFA

  4. Reviewed
    the Competition Committee proposal for the Rules and Regulations
    relating to the KSAFA Youth Competitions

    The mode of operation was through detailed discussions and
    deliberations with Council Members and a resource person, Lance
    Cowan who provided legal support.

    The issues that the Committee had direct responsibility for were of
    critical importance to Council and required direct debate during
    Council Meetings. This became the most efficient means to handle
    matters relating to the rules and the constitution.

    There were matters discussed but not dealt with, which should be a
    focus for the incoming committee. These are:

    1. Further
      review of the criteria for KSAFA Clubs to align them with the
      development plans of the organization.

    2. Encouraging Clubs to implement a formal organizational structure
      to ensure improved levels of professionalism, accountability,
      transparency and continuity.

Website Development – No report submitted

Infrastructure - No report

Referee’s Committee - The
Committee is comprised of three (3) persons; Donovan Muir – Chairman,
Orett Moncreifffe and Granet Page.

There are approximately fifty-five
(55) referees license to the KSAFA Referees Group. This number poses a
significant challenge for the Group while it is hard to attract and
retain new referees to increase this number.

At present there are five (5) new

Training is held on Saturdays at the
Stadium East Field at 7:00 a.m. All Referees are required to attend
these weekly schedule sessions. Training includes theoretical and
practical aspects of the Laws of the Game.

Appointments are made on a Friday for
matches being played a week in advance.


Disciplinary – The
Disciplinary Committee members; Burchell Dixon – Chair, Anthony
O’Gilvie, Nigel Parke, Kevin Jones and Saverna Chambers.

A total of twenty seven (27)
Disciplinary Meetings were held between February 2009 and April 2010.
Over one hundred and twenty (120) cases were brought before the

Breakdown of cases and offences:


Violent Conduct
(Stomping, Kicking, elbowing)
Foul and abusive
language towards referees
Fighting 17
Action against club
Banned players
Players sent for

A meeting has not been held since the
first week of May 2010 due to various reasons, which included the
state of emergency that was imposed in Kingston and St. Andrew.

Appeals – Committee Members:
Suzan Dodd - Chair, David Young, Sheena Stubbs and Nigel Jones all
Lawyers by profession.

A total of Five (5) appeals were
heard by the Appeals Board for the period November 2008 to March 2009.
The Clubs appealing to the Board were Mountain View United; Utech/Papine
FC, Bull Bay FC, Duhaney Park FC and Santos FC

The Appeals Board dismissed all of
the appeals and upheld the decision by the Competitions Committee. The
appeals of Bull Bay FC, Duhaney Park FC and Santos FC for sanctions
applied for their use of ineligible players were thrown out. Of
particular note was the Board’s upholding the Competition’s Committee
decision to ban the UTECH/Papine Football Club.


CLARO (CUG) Closed User Group

In an effort to reduce cost and
increase benefits to Clubs and Affiliates, in addition to improving
communication between clubs and the KSAFA office, an arrangement was
made with CLARO to establish a Closed User Group. This contract
allowed persons on the CUG to make unlimited calls to each other at a
cost of $750.00 per user/per month.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Data regarding our Senior Players has
already been submitted to Guardian Insurance for processing. We are
currently compiling the names of the Under 20’s for submission.

The response from Clubs has been slow
in sending in the information on their personnel, and we should be
reminded the low premium is dependent on the number of persons

As reminder, the proposed benefits are as follows:

Accidental Death and
Temporary Total Disability
$3,000 per week for a maximum of
52 weeks
Accidental Medical Reimbursement
$10,000 per disability

The quote provided was for 2,236
persons between the age of 16 and 65.

Based on 2,236 persons participating in the scheme, the annual premium
quoted was $2,937,120.16. This equated to $109.46 per person/per

Realizing the financial challenges faced by most Clubs, KSAFA has
taken a decision to contribute $1,500,000 to the payment of the annual
premium. This would reduce the payment to the Clubs to $54.00 per

It must be noted that the premium quoted was based on 2,236 persons
being enrolled, and therefore is subject to change.


Business House – The 2010 Kingston &
St. Andrew Business House Football Association held their Annual
General Meeting on April 22, 2010 at Seprod Limited and the following
persons were elected to serve for the next two years.

  • Wayne Shaw - President

  • Carlene Edwards - Vice President

  • Brian Rose - General Secretary

  • Heather Jackson - Asst. General Secretary

  • Joseph Fagan - Treasurer

  • Kirk White - Asst. Treasurer

  • Kevan Wisdon - Public Relations Officer

All three sponsors Seprod Limited, Western Sports and Scotiabank Group
returned for the third straight year for the 2010 season.

One Day Five-A-Side 
Champions Norman Manley International Airport

The 2010 season kicked off on Saturday May 15, 2010 with the Pronto
Mix sponsored One Day Five-A-Side Football Rally with eighteen Teams
participating at the NWC Playfield, Mona. Norman Manley International
Airport emerged winners for the first time, by defeating National
Water Commission 2-1.

The traditional dress parade and opening matches kicked off the
following Sunday - May 23, 2010 with eighteen (18) teams
participating, two more than last year. We had two new teams in E
-Services and National Land Agency, and, three returning teams in JUTC,
Red Stripe and Wray & Nephew. The Dress Parade was won by Scotiabank
Group, with Courts Jamaica placing second, Wray & Nephew third and UWI
fourth. The opening match in division two saw, E-Services and JUTC
drawing 1-1.

In the feature match in division one, defending champion Scotiabank
Group and Jamaica National Building Society also drew 2-2.

The league is in the final round of the preliminary fixture and a new
champion will be crowed as Petrojam, UWI, Gleaner Company and Carib
Cement have qualified.

Wisynco Group has qualified for the semi-finals in division two with
twenty two (22) points from their eight games played.

The quarter-finals of the Knock-out competition will be played on
Saturday August 7, 2010.

Masters League – Barbican Masters won the Kingston and St. Andrew
Masters Football League title in 2009 in fine style by being crowned
triple champions. It was Barbican second consecutive Kingston & St.
Andrew Masters Football League Association (KSAMLA) title, and the
sixth in their history.

Barbican completed the KSAMLA triple by gaining the first lien on the
inaugural Champions Cup, and by winning the Mid-Season Final played
for the Peter Cargill Cup.

The successful 2009 masters football season ended on a very sad note
as long standing KSAMLA General Secretary, Delroy Seixas, died on
December 17 at the University Hospital of the West Indies after a
short illness. Seixas served as the masters league's General Secretary
for over twenty-years, and was 64 years-old at the time of his death.

Meanwhile, KSAMLA's first President, Arnold "Dulu" McDonald, was
inducted into the KSAMLA Hall of Fame at the annual Hall of Fame Day
at Barbican Oval.

Also, the only female team manager in master’s league history, Kaye
Kelly-Abrahams of Packers Masters, was celebrated as the 2009 Patron
of the League.

Additionally, the KSAMLA All Masters squad was undefeated in 2009.

At the Awards presentation, Barbican was all the rage, while Constant
Spring's ace midfielder, Raymond "Nune" Smith walked away with the
2009 MVP award; former Jamaican international, Michael Tulloch, won
the Golden Boot as the League's top marksman; and Real Mona's Nick
Ziadie captured the Arnold "Dulu" McDonald Cup after he was voted the
2009 Rookie of the Year.

The 2010 edition of the KSAMLA Masters League attracted the multi-year
sponsorship of Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS). After two
rounds of competition in the JNBS masters league, 77 goals were scored
in 24 games, with Real Mona leading Zone A, and Christian Ambassadors
the leaders of Zone B.

J.I.S.A. – No report submitted

Whole Life Ministries – No report


A. Annual General Meeting – The
second JFF Annual Congress for the 2009/2010 period was held on
Sunday, March 7, 2010 at the St. Mary High School.

Twelve delegates and one Observer from the KSAFA were represented at
the meeting. The Delegates were Rudolph Speid, Jacqueline Cowan, Felix
Porter, Brian Rose, Errol Howlett, Carlene Edwards, Ansel Lee, Herman
Cruickshank, Kenrick Barnaby, Danny Lyn, Dunstan Baker, Richard Nathan
and Lance Cowan.

B. Board Meetings – The KSAFA President – Rudolph Spied, 1st Vice
President – Stephen Bell and former General Secretary – Gregory A.
Simms attended the scheduled meetings of the JFF Board. A total of
five Board Meetings were held during the reporting period, to which
four were attended by the KSAFA Reps. After the resignation of Mr.
Simms from the post of KSAFA’s General Secretary and from the JFF
Board of Directors, Jacqueline Cowan – 2nd Vice President attended
those meetings.

C. Competitions

HVFC 2009/2010 DPL
HVFC 2009/2010
National U-21 Champions

National Premier League – The
2009/2010 National Premier League saw six KSAFA teams participating in
this competition which comprises twelve teams. The teams are Harbour
View FC, Tivoli Gardens FC, Waterhouse FC, Boys Town FC, Arnett
Gardens FC and August Town FC.

At the end of the final round of matches, Harbour View FC were crowned
Champions with Tivoli Gardens second and Waterhouse FC third. Also at
the end of the final round two teams were relegated including a KSAFA
team – August Town.

National Premier League Play-offs

Cavalier Soccer Club which won the Claro Super League participated in
the JFF National Premier League play-off to obtain a spot in next
season’s premier league. Unfortunately the Club did not make it to the
top league hence KSAFA now has five teams remaining the National
Premier League for the 2010/11 season.

Youth Football – The JFF Confederation Under 13 and 15 Competitions
commenced on August 1, 2010 with two teams from KSAFA participating in
each competition, Kingston and St. Andrew.

In last year’s competition St. Andrew won the Under 13 competition,
defeating Kingston 2-0 in the Final. In the U15 competition, Kingston
lost to St. Catherine in the Finals on penalties while St. Andrew was
beaten by Kingston in the semi-finals.

Women’s League – KSAFA has seven teams out of a total of ten
participating in this year’s Sherwin Williams Women’s Premier League.
They are Barbican, Harbour View, Arnett Gardens, Santos, Waterhouse,
Constant Spring and Olympic Gardens.

In last year’s competitions eight KSAFA teams participated in the
competition - the abovementioned teams plus Meadhaven United.

Barbican United were crowned Champions.


Attendance at Council Meetings/Sub Committee Meetings 2009/2010





Rudolph SPEID (President) 12    
Stephen BELL (1st Vice-President)  6  6  
Jacqueline COWAN (2nd Vice-President) 12    
Gregory A. SIMMS (General Secretary) 5  1  
Felix PORTER (Assistant General Secretary) 4 Resigned

as at
Feb 2010
Brian ROSE (Treasurer and BHFA)) 5 3 4
Errol HOWLETT (Assistant Treasurer)  12    
Errol McDONALD (KSAMLA) 5 2 5
David LAYLOR (Whole Life Ministries) 1 11  
Peter HIGGINS 8 4  
Richard NATHAN 9 1 2
Donavon MUIR 1 2 5
Orville MARSHALL 4 2 6
Carlene EADWARDS 9 2 1
Basil WAITE 3 3 6
Godfrey LOTHIAN 4 3 5
Gregory A. SIMMS (Sponsorship) 6    
Competitions PETER HIGGINS 35    
Technical RICHARD NATHAN 12  
Rules Review ORVILLE MARSHALL 2    
Infrastructure GODFREY LOTHIAN 2    
Appeals SUZAN DODD 5    
Disciplinary BURCHELL GIBSON 27    
Finance BRIAN ROSE NIL    
PR & Special Projects CARLENE EDWARDS NIL    
Website Development BASIL WAITE 7    



Senior Competitions – Male

Jackie Bell $350,000 August Town
  $200,000 Cavalier
  $100,000 Boys Town
  $50,000 Tivoli Gardens
Champions League $250,000 Waterhouse FC
$150,000 Tivoli Gardens FC
$100,000 August Town FC
$70,000 Boys Town FC
Super League $200,000 Cavalier SC
  $150,000 Santos FC
  $100,000 Rae Town FC
  $70,000 Mountain View United
Major League $100,000 UWI FC
  $70,000 Rockfort FC
  $50,000 Central Kingston FC
  $40,000 Police National FC
Syd Bartlett $80,000 Seaview Gardens FC
  $50,000 Stony Hill FC
  $40,000 Shortwood United FC
  $30,000 Allman/Woodford FC




Youth Competitions Male (Reorganized)



Prize Super 12 Prize St. Andrew Prize Kingston Prize
Waterhouse 60000 Harbour View  60000 Red Hills  30000 Central Kingston  30000
Harbour View  40000 Tivoli Gardens  40000 Duhaney Park  20000 Santos 20000
Tivoli Gardens  30000 Waterhouse  30000 Constant Spring - Browns Town  -
Greenwich Town 20000 Cavalier SC 20000 Meadforest - Rae Town  -



Champions League Prize Super 12 Prize St. Andrew A Prize St. Andrew B Prize
Cavalier 30000 Cavalier 60000 Maxfield Park 30000 Barbican 30000
Arnett Gardens 20000 Arnett Gardens 40000 Stony Hill 20000 Swallowfield United 20000
Barbican United N/A Boys Town 30000 Molynes United N/A Central Kingston N/A
Boys Town N/A Cooreville Gardens 20000 Greenwich Town N/A Shortwood United N/A



Youth Competitions Male (Reorganized)


Champions League Prize Super 12 Prize St. Andrew A Prize St. Andrew B Prize
  40000 Tivoli Gardens 40000 Central Kingston 25000 Duhaney Park 25000
  30000 Cavalier SC 30000 Rae Town FC 18000 August Town 18000
  20000 Arnett Gardens 20000 Browns Town - Constant Spring -
  15000 Harbour View 15000 Maxfield Park United - Molynes United -


Champions League Prize Super 12 Prize St. Andrew A Prize At. Andrew B Prize Kingston Prize
In Progress $40K Real Mona $40K Constant Spring $25K Seaview Gardens $25K Central  Kgn $25K
  $30K Cavalier SC $30K Mountain View $18K Duhaney Park $18K Browns Town $18K
  $20K Santos FC $20K            
  $15K Waterhouse $15K            


KSAFA OPEN FIVE-A-SIDE Female Competition 2009/2010

Winners 40000 Waterhouse FC
Second Place 30000 Constant Spring
Third Place 20000 Meadhaven United
Fourth Place 10000 Olympic Gardens



Winners 40000 Waterhouse FC
Second Place 30000 Constant Spring
Third Place 20000 Greenwich Town