President's Report

August 14th, 2010


Rudolph Speid


Members of the KSAFA Council,
Affiliates, members of the Standing Committees, all..., welcome.

The second final year of this
Council’s term has now come to an end.

As you know, during the first year
the Council:

1. Restatablished women’s football at
the club level

2. Revamped the youth competitions for all age groups

3. Introduced electronic registration

4. Improved Public Relations; and

5. Increased Sponsorship by 218% the first year and 7% the second year

This past year KSAFA was able to:

1. a. Sign a Television Contract

For the first time, a 3-year
televison right contract was signed between TVJ/TVJSN and KSAFA to
provide televised coverage of the Jackie Bell and Claro Champions
League at an annual fee of $750,000.

b. Increase Sponsorship

Sponsorship was increased by $2.1M
or 7% over last year following the record $19.3M or 218% increase in
our first year.

For the 2009/10 year revenue was
spent as follows: -


Super League Clubs 4,982,589 36
Major League Clubs 3,231,950 24
Syd Barlett League Clubs 2,558,627 19
Premier League Clubs 2,693,291 20


c. Infrastructure Development

Negotiations are ongoing for KSAFA
to purchase premises at 40 Hope Road, Kingston. The value of the
building is $24.5M, however the agreed selling price is $22M. KSAFA
is proposing to pay, out of surplus, a downpayment of $7M in cash
and acquire a loan of $15M to settle the remaining amount.

It is projected that the loan will
be repaid within the duration of this new administration.

Plans for the Newly Aquired

  1. Increased
    sponsorship (Billboards, etc.)

  2. Relocate
    the secretariat

  3. Offer
    administrative, medical, marketing and specialised workshops for

  4. Educational Centre for football players who are studying (Homework
    and Resource Centres on weekends only)

  5. Operate
    as a members only Sports and Social Club with an annual membership

d. Incorporation as a Limited
Liability Company

KSAFA was incorporated as a Limited
Liability Company on the twenty nineth day of January, 2010.

The main purpose for doing so is to
organise football activities and to act as custodian for all future

The company number is 79540.

2. 2010 – 2012 Administration

Sponsorship Share for 2010 – 2011

Clubs will be given the following
subject to participation in the various leagues: -

Branding - Senior teams
  - Junior teams

Total (to be
paid directly to clubs)


KSAFA Budget 2010/2011



Clubs 30 @ $400,000 9,000,000.00
Prize Money 4,000,000.00
Referees’ Fees 4,000,000.00
Direct benefit to clubs 17,000,000.00
Administration 9,300,000.00
Technical expenses 1,200,000.00
Trophies and medals (award
Mortgage 4,000,000.00
Total 36,950,000.00

Revenue $
Claro sponsorship 27,500,000.00
TVJ (Television Right) 750,000.00
Registration and administrative
Affliation fees 215,000.00
Fines/administrative fees 1,500,000.00
Rental incomes 1,000,000.00
Jamaica Football Federation
Gleaner Company Limited 3,000,000.00
TVJ Sponsorship 2,000,000.00



( 115,000.00)

*Establishment of the KSAFA business
centre will generate additional revenue.

Exposure of players

KSAFA will recommence the process
of inviting scouts from overseas annually to look at our talent
either for college or professional contracts. This will be for the
direct benefit of the club.

Women Competition

After running two (2) small
competitions two years in a row, KSAFA will be holding its first big
field competion during the 2010/11 season. The General Secretary
will elaborate on this in her report.


KSAFA will introduce workshops to
enable our clubs to function more efficiently. The proposed workshops

1. Financial

2. Management and

3. Medical Workshops

These will run throughout the
competitive year but will be organised as not to disrupt the


Our aim is to unify us, so that we
may move forward to achieve our other objectives which is to establish
an academy for use by all clubs and put a proposal forward to the
various government agencies and private sector organisations to help
with the infrastructural development of the clubs.

Thank you all for reinstating me as
President of KSAFA, and though we are experiencing even more
challenging times, I will always put KSAFA a the forefront.

Once again thanks to you our sponsors
because as you know, with you and KSAFA everything is possible.